You can't hope to do it.

The only free will anyone has is the free will to act within their own nature.

If you are an unregenerate unbeliever, even if you want to, you are incapable of productively discussing the things of God.

You know nothing of the truth. You can only pervert it in your willful ignorance.

You are doomed to mock the truth even as you run from it.

Quoting me biblical scripture in your unregenerate state is futile...and transparent.

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How It Is 2

Why hasn't Obama already gone in to Syria? Why hasn't congress already met in special session to authorize him to do so? Why isn't there a single monolithic narrative making it clear that Assad is the bad guy and we need to go blow stuff up?

The Internet, that's why. The average rank and file can obtain so much information that can be shared so quickly that we are quicker and more agile than our lying government. Or more accurately, the lying element that currently has overarching control of our government. We simply haven't had an honest man in the White House since Ronald Reagan, and even that's debatable.

Make no mistake, your 'leaders' grow weary of your inconvenient little opinions.

I guarantee you that we stand on the precipice of a real fancy false flag operation within our own country. It's going to be big...really BIG...and I guarantee that this one or a subsequent false flag attack is going to involve the need to restrict internet traffic.

Your government considers you the enemy. They are going to cut your supply lines and your communications. That's just fundamental military strategy 101.

Personally I'm not worried, but I am concerned for the American people and the rest of the world. If you don't know Jesus, no matter how bad it gets, just remember that it will never get any better than that for you. That's all you have to look forward to. From now on, things will get worse overall, with bubbles of recovery here and there. Got Jesus?

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How It Is

All of you liberal folks are in for an enormous surprise sooner or later. Go ahead and dance with the demons and call them your gods or your consorts or whatever you're in to. There's coming a day when you will find out that the dark side lied about having cookies and milk. You won't believe it at first, but it will slowly dawn on you and then you will become useless to them. You will find yourself on the outside of the camp you helped build, screaming “That's not what I meant”. Of course it will be an exercise in complete futility by then. Reminding the demons that you supported them will amuse them at first and become tiresome to them later. For now they will prosper you, they will heal you, they will do damage control for you, they will shield you. Draw a pentagram and they will make sure to give you the illusion that it has power. Shout 'FORWARD' or 'YES WE CAN' or 'DO WHAT THOU WILT IS THE WHOLE OF THE LAW', and it will go well with you for Like a snare suddenly catches the leg of an animal, so it will be with you. Ejected from the game without a refund. You're dragging a lot of people with should stop that.

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Revelation 12:9

And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. - Revelation 12:9

Does your religion think that serpents or dragons are smart and enlightened? You are deceived. You worship the Devil.
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All of the scandals that we have been allowed to behold recently, from the IRS's state sanctioned terrorism against conservative groups, to the massive privacy invasion and treason committed by the NSA, amount to nothing more than notice to the 536 elected officials and the 9 members of the Supreme Court, that they had better get to voting and deciding as they're told. I really don't think anyone at the NSA, FBI, DHS, EPA or any of the other alphabet soup government agencies are the least bit concerned about what American citizens think about it. Telling us was just to get Benghazi off the front page and pave the way for immigration wickedness designed to dilute the voice of the American people and bring on further hopelessness. If they can spy on and oppress 308 million people, how much easier is it to manipulate and corrupt 545 people in DC? Even if they spend ten billion dollars per person, it's a steal when you're talking about gaining control over the mightiest military and the most coerceively powerful economy in the history of the world.

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The Marxinomicon.

It is becoming increasingly clear to me that science is becoming a priesthood with a creed. If you are going to pursue a career in science you have to be very very cautious not to embrace a heresy. There's all sorts of things we know are not true, but unless you embrace these things you will find yourself career limited. Things that are not really empirically validated but offer the appearance of it, abound. Up until the middle of last century science relied heavily on empirical validation but in recent politics, it's a whole different world. “As we now knowism” rules the day. Unless you realize that it's now a priesthood or religion, with it's own boundaries of behavior and beliefs, you won't be able to properly grasp what you're observing. There's a big difference between a true scientist and those who call themselves scientists who spend their time fighting the politics of peer reviewed journals and participating in other developing 'good old boy' filters such as vying for pavlovian funding in order to rise in the priesthood. A particular pseudo science I find very distressing is psychiatry. A field where many of the sickest and most confused among us become what amounts to self appointed sorcerers diagnosing people out of a book of disorders agreed upon by committee, predicated on their own twisted opinions about how people OUGHT to be, based on their own electrochemically, serotonin re-uptake inhibited 'trip' through an ideologically warped, self congratulatory academic seminary. When you're a hammer everything looks like a nail. When you're a psychiatrist everything looks like a diagnosis. I'm waiting for the day that, as a result of pavlovian funding, they will vote to include scientific heretics in their great book of disorders. The Marxinomicon.

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(no subject)

I would like to congratulate the leftist media in this country for their brilliantly implemented campaign of suppression, obfuscation, and sycophantic dedication to their Marxist hero. Instead of being hanged for treason, he has been rewarded with four more years. The lawless one is still standing. The depraved are thrilled. They know not that they hasten to their own destruction. Just for the record, the other candidate meant nothing to me, he was only a tool for saving the Republic. He was no better that the criminal we are stuck with.

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Moral Proclivities

Let's face it. We live in a society of people who refuse to accept guilt or blame. No matter how large or small the infraction, we've learned how to justify ourselves and tell ourselves “my conscience is clear” even when it's not. So instead of drawing lines between right and wrong, most people see morality as a subjective blur. There are no black and white issues, every choice, action. And reaction, falls in to a morally ambiguous gray sea that dominates our thinking. There's no accountability because no one wants to be held accountable. It is because of this that we find our beloved Republic in such moral shambles. We have been trained to go to work, come home, and pleasure ourselves by whatever means within our reach because “life is tough” and “we deserve a break.” We have learned as a society to be passive in our own lives and adopt sports heroes and movie stars or other public figures as surrogates with which we navigate the morally ambiguous waters of our own wishful imaginations, where we process things in a way that allows us to avoid facing cold hard reality of right and wrong. It is this reason that we find ourselves immersed in these pathetic political situations throughout our country. Addiction to sports and celebrity is not a mere time waster or idle diversion anymore, it's a mental illness borne out of our search for things to reinforce our moral ambiguity. Anyone can see that Mitt Romney is a lying flip flopping fool of a sociopath who would sell his mother for a vote. Just look, it's all right there for anyone to see. On the other side of the coin, anyone can see that Barack Hussein Obama is a lying sociopathic fool of the first order as well. A man who stepped in to office and immediately issued and executive order to seal all of his personal records. A man who has spent millions of dollars suppressing access to information about himself. So now, we have two surrogates that we can use to absolve ourselves of properly deserved guilt and blame. One to forgive and one to attack. The proof that we have gone mad as a society is that we have come to the point where our electoral Superbowl comes down to Sodom or Gomorrah. Two sons of Hell. There was an honest man in the running by the name of Ron Paul, but no one wants a surrogate so unlike themselves. So rather than bathing in clean water this election cycle, we will swim in filth because that is who we are as a people.
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(no subject)

As a maximally supreme uncreated creative being outside of spacetime who knows the beginning and end of all, God knows everything His free will imbued creations will do in all possible worlds, so to Him, it's the us it's whosoever the enemy it's game the un-elect (whosoever won't) it's all offensive and unbelievable silliness until the point of no return.
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